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How Do You Know God is Good?

I created this blog to offer encouragement, but today I need some. Help please!

Yes, I believe with every ounce of my being that God is good. Yes, I have specific examples in my own life that “prove” to me that God is good. I’ve wrestled with the age-old question, “if God is good, why does evil exist?”

Helpful sermon on that question here:,vid:6LFzk1afiD8,st:0

And yes, the indescribable splendor of this planet speaks to my soul daily about his creativity, power, and brilliance, BUT I want to know how YOU know God is good?

Recently, someone I love very much has shared with me that he’s not so sure God is good and, my words don’t seem to be the ones to help him see the light at this moment. Maybe yours are… please post a comment below to help him see from your point of view. Thank you for reading and for any help you can share!

May God bless you and give you peace as you follow him.


Published by HereToHelp

I want to help people. I'm here, I'm listening and I hope I can make a difference. I am eternally grateful for the people in my life who have always been willing to listen, pray for me and give guidance. I hope to pay it forward.

One thought on “How Do You Know God is Good?

  1. God does not cause evil (bad), yet, evil (bad) is in the world. Why? Because humans are imperfect. And I don’t believe we were ever created to be perfect… I believe the purpose of life on Earth is to GROW. And Jesus’ lifestyle is our example on how to do that. God does not cause, or stop evil, and he doesn’t promise to either! What he does promise is to BE WITH US as we go through (grow) our troubles. He gave us a model. And if we authentically follow Jesus’ example (nearly all “problems” can be avoided), we have the mindset and tools to love ourselves and others as we grow.

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